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What is LeisureBuddy.com?

Sneak PreviewLeisureBuddy.com is a new service that will enables you to make more of your leisure time by finding others who share your current and planned leisure pursuits. Search locally and nationally across a wide range of activities including sports, hobbies, theatre and art.
Make more of your leisure time by finding a sports partner, a theatre companions or a fellow historian. Get more from your leisure time by sharing it with like-minded individuals, coaches and organisations.

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Why LeisureBuddy.com?

Sneak PreviewOur research has also suggested the following likely scenarios:

Make More of your Leisure Time

You just want to make more of your leisure time, perhaps by starting a new leisure persuit.

New Buddies?
You want to extend the number of people you share your leisure interests with. So search locally, and perhaps nationally, for new Leisure Buddies.

Just Moved?
If you’ve just moved to a new area, what better way to meet new people than to find who locally is ready to buddy up with your shared leisure interests?
Read our "just moved" help page, as well as our notes for making the most of being a student.

New Activity?
Perhaps you want to try a new leisure interest but don’t know where to start. What better way than to find somebody who is already an active participant in that activity!

Consider finding other individuals and organisations to share a leisure activity holiday with, such as skiing, sailing or painting.

Sneak PreviewNew Years Resolution ?
Have you made a get fit resolution? Or just decided to get back into a sport or other pastime you used to be involved in? What better way to start than by finding who else is interested in the same! Read our notes so that you not only make the most of the new years eve celebrations but that you keep to your new years eve resolutions.

Home Away
Is work taking you away from home for a few days or weeks? Then why not meet up with people who share your leisure pursuits in the “home away”. A game of squash or perhaps amateur dramatics.

Recently Retired?
You’ve just retired, so what better way to launch into those long planned activities than to find local individuals and groups with overlapping leisure interests?
Take a look on our notes on how to make more of your retirement.


Once we launch, we are anticipating solid membership growth, which will be backed by a user-driven expansion of features and benefits. You will be able to register for free, without any obligation. Once registered you will be able to search the database enabling you to see how easy it is to identify potential leisure buddies.

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